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Rust is a systems programming language created by Mozilla.
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MagicFab commented Dec 17, 2019

This Bitwarden implementation is specially useful as it requires less resources and doesn't have a dependency on proprietary Microsoft SQL server.

I'd like to suggest adding details on system resources required to run Bitwarden_RS as well a a high-level list of the backend technologies and architecture and how it affects performance and maintenance - for example why is SQLite the default and ho

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milos321 commented Dec 11, 2019

In scientific mode, after pressing the Enter button, navigation menu opens instead of displaying the result.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Go to Scientific mode.
  2. Click on C.
  3. Enter 2+2 on keyboard.
  4. Press Enter on keyboard.

Expected behavior
Result is displayed.

Actual behavior
Navigation menu is opened.

Device and Application Information

  • OS Build: 10.0.17134
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milangfx commented Nov 27, 2019

I came across this endpoint in the wild, it was called by a Swagger UI to render the documentation for an API.

Can we add this to one of the lists? I didn't want to open a PR as I don't know which file (maybe more than 1?) would be best.
Maybe Discovery/Web-Content/quickhits.txt? or Fuzzing/fuzz-Bo0oM.txt?
The latter one already has api/swagger-ui.html, swagger-ui.html, swagger.json, etc whic

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